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28-03-2003, 23:54
No i kolejny Warfare'owiec do kolekcji.

Xbox-Exclusive Powered By the Latest Unreal Technology
-- Fast-Paced Western First Person Shooter Includes
Gunfights, Bucking Broncos, Saloon Poker --

LOS ANGELES – March 28, 2003 – Atari is bringing all of the drama and fast-paced action of the Old West exclusively to the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft this Fall with Dead Man’s Hand, a first person shooter chock full of gun fights and dripping in frontier lore. In development by Human Head studios, the creators of Rune®, Dead Man’s Hand uses the latest Unreal® technology from Epic Games to provide amazing graphical performance, non-stop action and enhanced multiplayer capabilities through Xbox Live!™

“Dead Man’s Hand will be an amazing recreation of the Old West, from the high drama of showdowns to the window-smashing action of shoot outs to the bitter plights of vengeance,” said Steve Allison, vice president of marketing for Infogrames, Inc.’s Los Angeles studio. “Using the power of the Xbox and Unreal Technology together, Human Head is creating one of the best looking, best playing and truly unique first person shooters ever released. Xbox owners are in for a real treat, both in single player and against online foes through Xbox Live!”

In Dead Man’s Hand, players will step into the boots of El Tejón, a master gunslinger riding with one of the roughest gangs in the West, known as The Nine. When the ruthless leader of The Nine betrays El Tejón, El Tejón turns to a life of vengeance, vowing to put every member of his former gang six-feet under.

Through an epic single player story of vengeance and betrayal, the player will travel the American Frontier, experiencing bar fights, shoot outs, stagecoach chases and other definitively Western scenes. Dead Man’s Hand captures the grandeur, action and drama of the Old West with six-shooters, rifles, black hats, horses, hombres, dancing girls, riverboats, saloon poker and many other iconic images.

Besides straight shooting, Dead Man’s Hand incorporates unique gameplay elements taken from the Old West. Gamers will try their hands at blasting desperados from the back of their trusty steed and shooting it out on a moving train, ducking just before going through tunnels. In addition, as the game progresses, players will acquire “Legend,” a unique scoring system that awards points as the player blazes a path into Western folklore. When accumulated, Legend will allow gamers to pull off amazing trick shots and death-defying feats. Players will also be able to pick their own path through the game, revealing new mission choices as the game progresses.

Saloon poker also plays a major role in Dead Man’s Hand. Players will sit down for a poker game before each mission as a bonus round. If successful, the player will earn bonuses such as additional Legend, health or ammo. The player then decides whether to gamble their initial earnings for bigger bonuses. However, they could lose all of their bonuses in the process.

More than 20 adventures will challenge gamers, through the deserts, hills and towns of the old southwest, across the mountains and mine shafts of the great northwest, and in the riverboats and cities of the Midwest. Missions will take place upon vast maps that feature detailed indoor and outdoor locations, from rickety old saloons to sprawling mountain vistas to dark mysterious mineshafts.

Players will have nine different Old West firearms to choose from, each modeled on the real pistols, shotguns and rifles that made the Old West famous. Other weapons include knives and dynamite, as well as fixed Gatling guns and cannons that will blow enemies clear into the next county.

Players will be able to compete against other Xbox owners via Xbox Live! as well as against friends in their living room in split screen multi-player mode. A variety of competitive and cooperative play modes will be available.

Utilizing the power of the latest Unreal technology by Epic Games, Human Head has developed an amazing recreation of the sweeping vistas and rustic canyon towns of the American Frontier. The sophisticated in-game physics engine will make hats fly off enemies when they are shot, bad guys fall off roofs, knock over barrels and bust up furniture as they drop; and wagons and carts buck and bounce realistically as they race across the desert floor.

Human Head’s unique “Semi Persistent World” technology (SPeW) enables varying terrain through mountains, deserts, prairies, and river valleys. This technology enables multiple missions to be played on the same map and reveals new missions as the game progresses. In addition, SPeW allows for many items that get changed or destroyed in one mission to remain destroyed when players return on later missions.

The name Dead Man’s Hand itself is steeped in Western folklore. History reports that the famous “Wild Bill” Hickok, the Prince of Pistoleers, was murdered with a single shot to the back of his head while playing poker in a Deadwood, South Dakota saloon – the first time he ever sat with his back to the door. The poker hand Wild Bill held when he died with was two pair – black aces and black eights. Since then, this hand has been known worldwide as the Dead Man’s Hand."

Dead Man’s Hand is scheduled for release on Xbox in Fall 2003.

Gra zapowiada sie na absolutny mega hicior pałer madafaker!!! Mnie to najbardziej martwi ten exclusive no ale Halo to też miał być ex. no a już jakiś czas sie szykuje na pieca i powinien zdążyć na premiere radeona 15000.

P.S Nie ma oficjalnej strony gdyż jest to notka prasowa i przyszła zapowiedz panów z Infogrames.

05-04-2003, 19:40
Umieszczam calutki wywiadzik z Homelan"a mowa oczywiście o nadchodzącym tytule, wywiadzik jest bardzo ciekawy polecam.

HomeLAN - A Western based shooter is much different than a Viking third person action game. Why did Human Head wish to make such a different styled game?

Timothy Gerritsen - Everyone at Human Head is a creative person. We live for the next big challenge and certainly didn't get into the business to keep making the same game over and over again. After Rune, Rune Halls of Valhalla and Rune Viking Warlord, we were pretty "Vikinged Out." We loved doing Rune, and hope to return to it soon, but after three years of Rune development we were anxious to try something new. There hasn't been a good Western themed game in quite some time, and even then, it is not a genre that is done very often or very well. We saw an opportunity to do something new and exciting and jumped on it.

HomeLAN - Obviously, making a game based on a real historical period has its own challenges. Can you give us an idea about what sort of historical research you are doing for the game?

Timothy Gerritsen - We did and continue to do quite a bit of historical research from an artistic and design point of view. Our collection of Western themed books and movies is getting quite extensive. However, this game isn't meant to be an historic simulation- It's meant to be fun. Our goal from the beginning was not to create an historic sim of shootouts in the Old West, but rather to make a damn fine shooter that happens to take place in the Old West. It's about big hats, six shooters, blowing things up with cannons and dynamite and chasing bad guys on the rooftops of trains. It's an action game, not a documentary.

HomeLAN - Does Dead Man's Head have any influences at all from Western movies, TV shows and novels?

Timothy Gerritsen - It would be impossible to make a game with a Western theme without drawing upon the great Western influences that are out there in TV, Movies and Novels. It's really amazing that in all other forms of media the American Western enjoys a pretty large niche, but the number of Western themed games can be counted on your hands with a few fingers to spare. We looked at lots of Western influences and decided to try and create our own take on the genre using some more modern influences. Films like Dead Man (with Johnny Depp) and The Wild Bunch were a big influence on the team. Silverado and the really underappreciated The Quick and The Dead (directed by Sam Raimi) were also huge influences. We also watched a lot of really obscure European westerns for their take on over the top action. Of course it is also impossible to ignore Clint Eastwood's films, though we tried to keep the influences more toward his recent films like Unforgiven and Pale Rider as we wanted to make a break from the classic Spaghetti Western. The Lonesome Dove series is also a big influence, and our producer at Infogrames, while being a member of the Single Action Shooting Society is also a huge western fan and gave us lots of good reference material (like his gunfighting clothes) besides.

HomeLAN - The last great Western based game was LucasArts's Outlaws. Is there a lot of pressure to make Dead Man's Hand as memorable as that game?

Timothy Gerritsen - Outlaws is certainly an excellent example of a game in the genre, and we'd love to reach the level of critical acclaim that game garnered. However, we strive to make any game we work on memorable. What's the point of being an independent developer if you can't work on games that make you excited?

HomeLAN - How would you describe the main playable character in the game and what he has to do in Dead Man's Hand storyline?

Timothy Gerritsen - We made a conscious decision early on to make the primary character an Hispanic-American. We felt that just putting out a Clint Eastwood clone was too clichéd and wanted to make a new character for the gaming audiences. El Tejon is the main character of the game, and in his younger years he was a fast gun riding with a gang known as 'The Nine.' He was a tough as nails gangster out to make a name for himself and saw The Nine as a surrogate family where he could carve out his own legend. However, the gang turned more and more brutal with each raid, and Tejon's companions seemed to be more interested in brutality than rich rewards and Tejon grew disillusioned. He wanted to be a famous folk hero, not a reason for people to hide their children, but the gang began to see him as a liability, so they betrayed him- shot him in the back and left him in a pool of blood to take the fall for a south of the border robbery gone bad. Tejon lived, however, and was captured by a local bandit general, who threw him in a prison to rot away. The game begins with Tejon gaining his chance at freedom, and a desire to pay back the gang that left him for dead. The game itself is about revenge, and righting the wrong against him. Legend is a huge theme in both the story and gameplay, and is featured prominently in both.

HomeLAN - What familiar Western-style locations and settings will be seen in the game?

Timothy Gerritsen - Actually, there will be both familiar and unfamiliar settings across three broad regions. There's the border area of the Old Southwest, with adobe huts, Spanish churches, mesas and wild saloons. Then there's also the Northwest, an area of mountains, forests, log mills and gold mines. Finally there's the big city out east, a river city with brick banks, stockyards and riverboats. Within each location there will be dozens of missions for players to take across several game maps. Beyond that there are train rides through canyons and horse riding over a variety of terrain types. We're trying to really mix up the indoor and outdoor sections of the game. We are breaking with gaming tradition however and eschewing the customary lava level. :)

HomeLAN - What can you tell us about the types of characters and enemies that will be seen in Dead Man's Hand?

Timothy Gerritsen - There will be a variety of PCs and NPCs in the game including big bad gang members and their hordes of cutthroat henchmen, hookers with a six shooter and a heart of gold, nefarious mountain men, crooked generals, crazy loners out in the wilderness and gunmen looking to claim their bounty. There's all kinds of big men, small men, hard bitten women and horses to boot. There's also a love interest who may tag along for a mission or two. We're trying to jam in as many character types as we can.

HomeLAN - What kinds of weapons can we expect to see in the game?

Timothy Gerritsen - Going in we knew we couldn't just make the typical first person shooter with the standard rocket launcher weapon, shotgun weapon, goo shooter, flame thrower, machine gun and grenade launcher. This is an Old West game, and despite our desire to keep it the Wild West, we knew that a twitch shooter in the traditional vein wasn't going to cut it. In the Old West you had three basic types of guns- shotguns, rifles and pistols. We decided to include three types of each, concentrating on differences in speed, range and firepower and balancing them each to have their own unique characteristics. That gives us nine primary weapons, and we are concentrating on giving each one its own particular feel and characteristics so that players can select the type of gun that best fits their own shooting style. Other weapons will include a Bowie knife you can throw or use in close combat, dynamite, whiskey bombs, and mounted cannons, gatling guns and maxim guns. In terms of a traditional shooter game, that probably sounds like a limited number of weapons, but the gameplay was designed to not be your typical shooter. The weapon mix works really well with the type of play that were going for where the act of shooting is the focus, rather than the body count.

Since we can't concentrate on super twitch game play, we're going for how you shoot as the focus of play rather than how much you shoot. Players will earn legend based on the shots they pull off, how quickly they dispatch targets, and the style with which they do so. This legend serves as an overall score, but can also be used to pull off special shots like super shots and stun shots to name just two. We're filling the levels with lots of interactive and reactive elements and focusing on how you use them as part of your legend. You could just blast away in traditional style, but that won't improve your legend. For instance, if a bad guy is hiding under a lean-to, you can blast the legs of it out and have it fall on him- that will get you quite a bit of legend. How you use physics will affect play as well. If a bunch of bad guys is hiding out in a barn, you could try running in guns a blazing, or roll a cart filled with dynamite into the barn and blow it up. Or you can jump onto a wagon with a gatling gun and ride down a gauntlet of bad guys for a spectacular legendary show of bravery. Since the cart will be physics based, however, you'll need to line things up right so your wagon doesn't just slam into a building and tip over.

HomeLAN - The press release mentions playing poker in the game. Can you be more specific as to what that will entail?

Timothy Gerritsen - In between levels, you get to try your hand at Poker. A good hand gets you bonuses you can use in your next mission, while a bad hand gets you nothing. You can then gamble these bonuses for even bigger bonuses, or risk losing what you've already earned. Or, you can just hit 'X' and skip it- we don't want to slow down play for people who'd rather not take their chances at the card table.

HomeLAN - Will players get to ride horses in the game and if so how will that be handled?

Timothy Gerritsen - Yes. It's a Western! There'll be bad guys on horses and you'll get to ride horses as well. There's nothing like seeing a ragdoll man fall from a ragdoll horse, but I don't want to give too much away just yet.

05-04-2003, 19:42
HomeLAN - What other unique gameplay elements are you putting into Dead Man's Hand?

Timothy Gerritsen - I alluded to the physics of the game, and that will play a big factor in combat and your options for getting around in the game. We're trying to keep the game fun and enjoyable and throw in as many cool little elements as we can in the hope that the systems we set up will allow for players to create their own emergent play within the game. Levels are also mission based bounties, with players able to choose the levels they wish to try and come back to levels they skipped earlier on. There's also horse riding and the train riding levels as well as the wide variety of bad guys and gals you'll be facing.

HomeLAN - Why did you select the Unreal engine again for this title and what is Human Head doing to modify it for your game?

Timothy Gerritsen - We have a great relationship with Epic from our experience on Rune and that experience is something we'd be silly to overlook when selecting a game engine. The Unreal engine has a lot to offer visually, cinematically and in terms of gameplay. We've kept pace with the latest code all along our development and are working hard to make sure the game's performance is high, and have kept careful track of how to best develop for the engine to keep that performance. As for modifications, they are not as extensive as Rune's were (it is after all a shooter, and the engine is already well suited for that type of game), but we have worked on a variety of enhancements under the hood like better level loading on the Xbox and new object interaction routines. Most of these improvements are just to improve performance and to support the unique requirements of our game.

HomeLAN - What can you tell us at this time about the game's multiplayer options?

Timothy Gerritsen - Dead Man's Hand will offer a variety gameplay modes, both in co-operative and competitive styles. Of course, we will be also supporting Xbox Live! More info will come soon -- we don't want to give away too much right now. :)

HomeLAN - Is there a chance for a PC version of Dead Man's Hand to be released at a later date?

Timothy Gerritsen - Right now, we are just focusing on creating the best shooter on ANY system.

HomeLAN - What is the current status of the game's progress and when will it be released?

Timothy Gerritsen - We're still pre-alpha as a I write this, but we should be alpha in the not-too-distant future. We release in the Fall so we're right on schedule -- so far so good!

HomeLAN - Finally is there anything else you wish to say about Dead Man's Hand and Human Head's future plans in general?

Timothy Gerritsen - We're cranking away on our game and, as always, we hope the audience likes what they see. Being such a small studio, we just hope that people will appreciate the sheer amount of effort we're pouring into the game. Being a part of the Atari label has been a great experience and we've gotten great support from our producing team at Infogrames. Our other future plans are yet to be revealed, but we continue working hard on our new pen and paper division and our other in house project.

05-04-2003, 19:45
Ale LOL Topic!! =] Nic nie rozumiem z tego co tu napisałeś. Mogłeś chociaż to jakoś skrócić.... O samej grze nic nie słyszałem (nie wiem dlaczego), dlatego nic więcej nie będę pisał... see ya!

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Ale LOL Topic!! =] Nic nie rozumiem z tego co tu napisałeś. Mogłeś chociaż to jakoś skrócić.... O samej grze nic nie słyszałem (nie wiem dlaczego), dlatego nic więcej nie będę pisał... see ya!
Skoro nic o tej grze nie słyszałeś to co sie wypowiadasz nie miałeś co napisać to pomyślałeś że walniesz spama po co mam skracać text?, zamieściłem to w celach informacyjnych i jeszcze mam bawić sie w cięcie i układanie textu, zamieściłem oryginał i tyle. I przestań walić texty, że nie wiesz co za gra i o niej nie słyszałeś bo ktoś sie wkurzy, zrobi donos i dostaniesz bana. SYA. (Jak coś jeszcze napiszesz w tym temacie nie na temat to zrobie na ciebie donos).:).