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clinic 28-10-2019 20:20

Jak w temacie, Mecze gwiazd, zapowiada się ciekawie w TDM m.in gwiazdy jak gitzzz, fatal1ty i pare innych.

This coming weekend we are hosting our UT4 all star charity event in aid of our very own Erik/yoh who is currently undergoing a fight with cancer. The even is being hosted on Raise Your Edge Gaming's Twitch channel. The TDM is being casted by the world famous host/caster Redeye, himself a former UT player. Participating in the TDM we also have some old superstars in the mould of Zaccubus and Fatal1ty alongside the current superstars. For the ictf the casting team is still yet decided but loque and tox have brought together an array of ictf talent not seen in a long long long time. Please join us this weekend for what I am sure will be a spectacular event for Erik.

Discord: https://discord.gg/5PhSc9K

netspeed 29-11-2019 16:35

Rep się należy!

clinic 30-11-2019 22:01

Zapisy streamów.
TDM: https://youtu.be/LeVcGXaGm3I

iCTF: https://youtu.be/uSbQcM9BEMg

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